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cardiscope™ ANALYTICS is a software application for use in the field of health management. It is designed to monitor the health status of individuals or groups and to evaluate measures to improve the state of health.

cardiscope™ ANALYTICS implements advanced processing techniques, which go far beyond traditional heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. Most of the calculated scores are based upon a large database containing 10.000 well documented dataset.

Beside "just HRV" cardiscope™ ANALYTICS  utilizes recorded information about the client's motion and posture, as well as enhanced ECG analysis techniques to derive respiration from the shape of the ECG. 

Dashboard & Details

Simple visual tools allow a quick assessment of any client within seconds.

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Sleep & Respiration

Sleep is the foundation for a healthy life style. Hence, the assessment of sleep became a central feature of the cardiscope™ ANALYTICS software.

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Individuals & Teams

To track the changes and assess the effectiveness of a treatment, the key parameters of one person are presented automatically.

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Real-Time Assessment

cardiscope™ ANALYTICS supports real-time acquisition and analysis of HRV data with supported recorders equipped with a BlueTooth™ interface.