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Health Management

Occupational health management is a delicate topic providing not only information on the fitness to work but, more importantly the ability to increase efficiency of a workforce. If your approach is too general, you are at risk of not reaching an individuals potential and your investment in them is likely to be lost. A day at the spa may be a nice benefit for the employee, but does that improve individual productivity? If your approach is overzealous, you might find yourself spending more for consultants and personal coaching than your investment can return. A common pitfall is to forget about an essential component of a management process; closing the loop by measuring and reporting the outcome.

cardiscopeā„¢ ANALYTICS is the tool that closes this gap. Based on the assessment of autonomic function, it provides a variety of measured parameters that can be integrated into a health plan. By trending an individual's outcomes from regular checks the effectiveness of the health management process can be assessed.

Team level perspectives can identify individuals for immediate or prioritised action. This way, targeted health management is an effective tool and costs are contained to the prescribed budget.